Benefit from Cork Underlayment

All homeowners want to have beautiful floors that will stand the test of time and that require little maintenance. This is now possible thanks to cork tiles. Individuals even have the possibility to use cork underlayment for their floors.

If you are wondering whether cork underlayment is suitable for you or not you should become familiar with its characteristics. To begin with, cork is available in different degrees of thickness and cork sheets are highly popular because they are easy to work with, they do not curl and they do not generate much waste. This is a highly efficient insulation product as it is a thermal and acoustic insulator. You can achieve acoustic insulation by using a cork underlay of 6 mm. If you want total peace and quiet and money isn’t a problem you can opt for two layers of 66 mm cork and you will definitely achieve the desired result. It is important to know that cork under layers can be used under laminate flooring products, under solid hardwood floors and even under ceramic tiles. Why is the underlayment you use so important? Because it increases the life of our new floor and it provides warmth and softness. The underlayment provides support for the floors, it resists moisture, it smoothes subfloor imperfections and it
reduces the transmission of impact sounds.

As far as cork tiles are concerned, there is not much we can say to convince you that these are an excellent option for your floors. You have definitely heard about their unique characteristics, their accessible prices and their ease of installation. What more is there to be said? It is entirely up to you to decide what you want for your floors but cork products should be on top of your list for they are as amazing as you have heard.

Resource box: The fact of the matter is that cork underlayment can make a difference as far as the longevity of your floor is concerned. Shop with us now for cork tiles and other cork products and enjoy the best prices and a wide range of products to choose from.

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