The tests that Quigley specialists perform before cataract surgery

Having an eye exam is very important to prevent eye diseases, among the most common pathologies that can be detected with a visual examination are:

Astigmatism: is a common condition of the eyes that causes the eye to not focus clearly, it occurs when the part above the cornea is not fully round and has an oval shape.

Myopia: this affectation consists in seeing correctly the near objects but those that are at a long distance are blurred. It usually occurs when the eyeball is very long.

Hyperopia: this pathology consists of seeing objects at a distance, when the nearby by objects are blurred. It occurs when the eyeball is too short to make the rays of light focus on the retina.

Specialists recommend that an exam be practiced according to age as follows:

Children and adolescents: Quigley eye specialists recommend having the first examination when a baby is three months old, after which it is recommended to do a test by an ophthalmologist during the first, third and fifth year of life. If during these tests nothing is detected then it is recommended to do reviews, in case of diabetes, or if the parents detect that their children have vision problems, or they might need a cataract surgery. In most cases it is the teachers who can issue a warning when they realize something is not right.

Adults: the recommendation is to do annual tests, especially if glasses are used or if there is a family history of visual diseases. Otherwise the test can be done every two or four years, at higher age the frequency of the revisions should be increased and in case of detecting any discomfort should be attended immediately.

Resource box: In case you need cataract surgery, after the adequate analysis, the highly qualified Quigley eye specialists will give you the best care a pacient can have in such an institution, making you feel like home.

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