Cork - the Best Bathroom Flooring?

Selecting the perfect flooring for your bathroom is a challenge for there are various aspects you should consider. How can you find the best bathroom flooring? Are cork flooring tiles a suitable option or not?

It is tricky for most people to decide on the right bathroom flooring, one that enables them to create an elegant bathroom and at the same time that can handle high moisture levels. Cork floors have become a popular choice for bathrooms because of the numerous advantages they provide. W should start by saying that cork flooring tiles are available in numerous colors and they can be installed in a variety of patterns. You can use this type of flooring to create a chic and functional bathroom, one that you will enjoy spending time in. Cork tiles are a wonderful choice for bathrooms because of their aesthetic appeal and their durability. Aren’t you tired of using only ceramic tiles or stone in your bathroom? Would you like to try something else for a change?

Which is the best bathroom flooring for you? If you love the beauty and elegance of wood you should definitely consider cork glue down tile. Provided it is sealed and glued properly this tile is one hundred percent water proof and it will look stunning. Another advantage is the fact that this type of tile is quite affordable from a financial point of view. Nonetheless, we should mention that cork tiles require extensive preparation and installation. Cork is warm and it is pleasant to walk on barefoot. Also, it is not prone to fungus and bacteria and you will love walking on cork tiles because of their warmth and enjoyable tactile sensations. Cork tiles are functional and they have a shock absorbing property, they are resistant to moisture and they regain their original shape even after long-term deformation. All in all, cork tiles will transform your bathroom into an elegant and comfortable space.

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