DoDots Anthony P. Medrano patent

DoDots Anthony P. Medrano patent refers to the invention of tracking distributed content within a network. The delivery of the set of NIMs (Network Information Monitors) is identified with this method and data upon each NTM is tracked down. The founders include Tony Medrano, which is the president and the co-founder. DoDots Case Study Tony Medrano has managed to reveal valuable information.

In general, users operating computers access the internet using the viewer application, known as an internet browser and they access a web address. Those who want to open and view multiple web pages open multiple instances of the browser. But the user has to access each page in turn, as they are not able to view all pages in “full screen”. At the moment, content providers provide limited opportunities and tools to users for altering the browser and the content and how it appears.

This brings us to DoDots Anthony P. Medrano patent, an invention that tracks distributed content, identifying the delivery of the NIMs. The invention also refers to the computer readable memory and how it can direct the computer to operate in a certain way. The first executable module identifies the delivery of the set of NIMs and the second executable module tracks data about every NIM present in the set of NIMs. There is also a third module that helps determine from the available information sub-sets of NIMs that appear simultaneously.

DoDots Case Study Tony Medrano is one if the co-founders and the president. The patent turns out to be successful and this is also because of the team, how diverse each member is and how they managed to form a business and understand technology at another level, how rapidly it develops.

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