Knowing more about black tea

Most people know that British like drinking black tea more and they add a splash of milk to it. As a matter of fact, there is a wide array of flavors and aromas available, to suit all tastes. Some of them are smoky and have a delicious chocolatey flavor, while others are citrusy. There is also Assam tea, which is most popular in India.

The color and aroma of black tea depend on various factors, such as country of origin, species, season of harvest, where it was grown, how it was manufactured and such. Nowadays, tea is mainly grown in Kenya, China, India and Sri Lanka. Compared with other types of tea, such as green or white, black teas are richer in flavor and this is because leaves are more oxidized.

Among all tea varieties, there are some major types that refer to black teas. Assam tea has a malty taste, it is dark in color and it is used in many tea blends. Tea enthusiasts like to enjoy it most with a dash of milk and sugar. Of course, it depends on where you purchase tea, since it is always better to buy quality products, whole leaves that capture more aroma.

As for the steeping process, it is recommended preparing tea in a larger vessel, not small infusers, so that leaves can fully develop and release flavor. There are even special accessories and kettles teapots, used for specific types of tea. Even these influence the final taste. People pay attention when brewing tea and what also influence the taste is how long you leave it to infuse; 3 minutes is recommended for Assam to avoid that bitter test, if it is over infused.

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