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Who wouldn’t like to win the mittwochslotto or the samstagslotto? Millions of people play with the hope that their lucky numbers will be drawn and they can finally accomplish their dreams. The game originally began on October 9, 1955. It is actually impressive when you come to think about it and the long history it has. People have won the lottery since and everyone has a chance.

Some people play the lottery on a regular basis, participating every day of the week or on both editions even. The cost for a ticket is not high and the prize is considerable. Winning the lottery is perhaps the main chance of having so much money. All worries fade away and you can live the life you always wanted, carefree. However, choosing the winning numbers is an issue, as you never know what will turn out. There are some mechanisms available and some tips to increase chances and they are worthy of taking into consideration. It is worth doing everything possible to actually reach the goal and pick all ix winning numbers.

Germany Lotto has changed its rules in May 2013 in terms of the secondary prize divisions and the bonus number. The “Super Number” is now active, instead of the bonus number and it ranges from 0-9. Besides the 1-49 possible numbers that individuals usually pick, there is an additional number in a separate pool. Prizes are offered to those who match three numbers upwards. Twice a week there are drawings, mittwochslotto and on Saturday. Numbers are picked randomly. However, there are some patterns that can be tracked and used by people playing the lottery. They can increase their chances and find a new way of playing, which is more exciting and brings them closer and closer to the jackpot. That is the reason why they play in the first place, to win money and to change their lives for good.

There are valuable websites that share tips and tricks on numbers and how to combine them. Considering the long history of the game, they had enough time to view all the alternatives and the results and come up with simple, yet effective rules. The key is playing the probabilities. For example, if you stick to a patterns that occurs rarely, then you have no chance of winning. This means that other solutions are needed and it all starts with the numbers. Having a mix of even and odd numbers is highly recommended, as it doesn’t happen to extract only odd or only even numbers. The best is to mix them, meaning having two odd and four even numbers or other combination that you feel fits your needs. If you choose one of these patterns, you can increase your chances of winning up to 81%.

Another important consideration is about how winning numbers are spread across the number field. Mixing them is also the key here, knowing that 1-25 are the low half and 26-49 the high half. It rarely happens to draw numbers within a single category and combining them means higher chances of getting the winning combination. Thanks to the internet, players can now search the past winning combinations and track down a certain group. Doing some research is always helpful, especially since everything is revealed with ease and you can look up winning combinations without any effort. Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to pick out combinations that have been drawn before. If someone won the jackpot with them, it doesn’t mean that it will happen again. This way, you know what to put on the samstagslotto and what to omit. You have an advantage by your side and it is normal to use it. Although many people play out of fun or when they feel lucky, why not do something extra to make the experience worthwhile? Especially since numbers are drawn two times per week, there are double the chances and double the fun. It is time to use the internet in your favor and learn more about the 6/49 lottery and what you can do to win it.

Resource Box: Do you want to know why it makes sense to play the mittwochslotto? Learn more about it by accessing this valuable resource. Increase your chances of winning samstagslotto by knowing what to do.

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