Why drink black tea

Black tea is one of the most popular tea varieties and millions of people on a daily basis enjoy it. Some like to drink it as it is, while others combine it with a hint of milk. It certainly changes its flavour and it replaces coffee successfully. Assam tea originates from India; it is black and has a strong flavour. It is best to enjoy it at breakfast due to the high caffeine content.

Tea in general has a powerful effect on the body, but it depends on the type consumed. Assam tea has plenty of benefits and this is why many people are enjoying it, especially in Indonesia. Not many have discovered its unique taste, but they should, especially those who like their tea to be strong and revitalising. Since it is so complex, it offers a lot and the tea is rich in antioxidants, zinc, magnesium and potassium, B vitamins and many more.

Those who suffer from anaemia are encouraged to drink the tea, as more red cells are produced by the body. Of course, besides drinking tea, it is recommended having a healthy lifestyle and eating right. Starting the day with a cup of tea instead of other harmful drinks is always beneficial. For example, black tea can replace coffee without any issue and those who drink it can enjoy the beverage as it is or add a splash of milk.

A hot cup of tea can easily warm up a person, especially when it is very cold outside or during a rainy day. Cells in the body start working when a quality tea cup is served, helping stay warm for a longer period of time. What is worth mentioning is that not all tea types are the same and different providers offer teas from various regions. Finding a trustworthy one is essential, if you really care about what you are drinking.

Resource Box: Do not hesitate and try one of these black tea varieties. You will be amazed of the Assam tea flavour and you can replace your morning coffee to get that extra boost.

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