The benefits of cork flooring

On the market these days there are many types of flooring options and one that stands out is cork flooring. It provides a comfortable and pleasant walking surface and it can be used in homes, commercial spaces and play areas. Installing cork tiles is not such a big hassle, especially if you have all the information and tools needed from the beginning of the project.

Some people might have the misconception that cork tiles rot in time and they are not a durable solution. This is not the case thanks to suberin, which is a natural substance that does not allow mold to form. Not to mention that cork is a natural insulator and it has amazing properties that reduce heating costs. You will no longer lose any heat from your property and you don’t have to worry about fires either, as the material is naturally fire resistant.

If it is properly maintained, cork flooring is a very durable solution. There are many advantages implied and people who care about the environment can choose cork, since extracting it does not harm any trees. Also installing tiles is possible on uneven surfaces and over radiant heat systems. Even if you place heavy furnishings on the floor, you have nothing to worry about, since it has great performance.

Nothing compares to the walking surface provided, how smooth and comfortable it is. For those worried about scratches, you will not even notice them, as they become part of the pattern. You can refinish the surface periodically, to provide it a fresh look. All that is left is finding a reliable provider that can present the available options and patterns.

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